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thunderpeel profile pic Artist

You can't be me, I'm a rock star... :)

Seriously though, what a punk.


I am not normally one of these knee-jerk "lose the text" people, but... I really do think this design would stand very well on its own without the text. It's well-drawn, and the real croc's expression says it all. The speech bubble just kind of clutters it up.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i'm pretty sure he didn't copy, as he submitted this a day before that other shirt was released.

besides, are inflatable things off limits now?

i dig this $5


Try not to accuse someone of plagiarism if you don't have evidence.

This is excellent. Very nice composition and attention to detail, especially in the curve and line quality, which is something too often taken for grated or under-appreciated


mj00 profile pic Alumni

I loooove the waves, very nice work. The text bubble doesn't bother me, but it might be possible for you to make it less obtrusive by following OrangeRadioKitty's advice.


Text not needed!

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Sonmi is right. So what, because the fatheed sub got printed does it mean he holds copyright for the inflatable croc?

Jebus Christ.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

kaloyster on Jun 05 '07
Sonmi is right. So what, because the fatheed sub got printed does it mean he holds copyright for the inflatable croc?

He doesn't own the rights, but subs involving inflatable crocs will probably be unprintable now for a month or so. Totally lose the text on this one, it's completely understandable without it; actually, the text makes the meaning cloudier.


The time period that fatheed's design was printed and this one was submitted isn't as relevant to the situation as the time that fatheed submitted his design for scoring, which was much earlier.

So yeah, even though Mr. Lewis holds no copyright on inflatable crocs, he got his foot in the door quite some time prior to this design's submission, and it's unlikely that Threadless will print another inflatacroc anytime soon.

But then again, it's not my site, so who knows?

no disassemble

love the design! i don't think there is such a thing as too many shirts with inflatacrocs on them :)


this is good with or without the text. the detail is amazing! $5


back feet look too human


hahah this is awesomee $555555555555


hmm..... LOVE LOVE LOVE the waves and bubbles in the background, but the cheesiness of the shirt totally turns me off. What happened to artsy well-designed graphics for the sake of being well-crafted and beautiful designs? Why do shirts now have to say something?


That is just hot!


what's better than inflatable crocodiles? not much.


In the words of Phil Leotardo, lemme tell you a couple three things:


Excellent design, the text may be questionable to some - but the design is very pleasing

On the issue of copying: all dates aside, I've watched this guy's submissions for a while now - even have one of the prints - there is no way someone this creative would stoop to such lows.

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