Alternative Growth

Design by epocalypse

Alternative Growth by epocalypse on Threadless
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I have always loved this design. Still do. But I personally would like it with no background and on a white shirt?
I's still buy it as is.


hav e it without the apple core halftone or watev it is
jsut with greande and flowers
looks cool


i like it... but don tget the wierd background....

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Holy photoshop filters, batman! I think you need to take a break from this idea for awhile. I feel like your grenade designs have been getting steadily worse :( Your strength, in my opinion, is as a illustrator- I'm not sure why you're relying on this half-tone stuff for this composition.


i do not like the checkerboard background. Aside from that it is pretty good design

le saavs

pop arty.

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