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got red on you

Design by epocalypse

got red on you by epocalypse on Threadless
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mj00 profile pic Alumni

Yeah, this is very similar to your other Red submission. If you must resubmit, I'd prefer to see more drastic changes and more time between submissions.

As far as this goes, I'm not digging the concept. It's a Shaun of the Dead fan shirt, and doesn't have any pop-cultural appeal beyond that (unlike the recently printed Thriller shirt, which is iconic).


i like it. but i never saw your first sub.


I've seen this before, and once again... forget it! I'm not wearing this!


Not seeing Shaun og the dead my first impression was Falling Down.
What about making a falling down refference instead?


Love Shaun of the Dead, but design aside, I don't think Threadless could legally print a fan shirt like this.


I really like it, but I think it could do without the pen and pocket line. It seems to straight and perfect to be the actual thing, but the nametag totally works. I give it 44 now, $5 if the pen/pocket disappears. :3


I want it :( really bad. Sean is my hero


the tie and pen jus look so...shitty quality, it really ruins the blood and its more efficient execution


Dammit, you took my idea... Pretty cool nonetheless.

jayrawz profile pic Alumni

ha.. kinda reminds me of sean of the dead.. i think they say that in the movie "u got red on u..".. kool shirt tho.. attention getter..

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