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beesneak profile pic Alumni

darn....I'm working on a dogfight shirt as well....I like yours, but I still plan to submit mine:)

mj00 profile pic Alumni

center placement kills this. Look at the flying formations fighter planes use and use a similar configuration for your dog planes (I'd recommend adding at least one more plane).


I get the dogfight theme, but my first thought was "bomber" in the dogs that leave bombs on my front lawn. I expect little bombs on my back lawn (I've got two little dogs), but running over unexpected big ones with the lawnmower in the front...ugh. And I never see the dogs leaving them, so I can only assume they're flying in undetected to strafe the neighborhood.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

fatboyjim, I think the improvements you made are perfect. I'm upping the score I gave this :)


concerning the's better, but the dog in the foreground still looks disinterested. the bullet holes tie the brown to the red, but there's nothing tying the red to the brown....does that make sense?

Perhaps you could redraw his head to look in the red plane's direction? He did just get shot...also, changing the dog's color slightly to something less similar to the plane might make it stand out more.

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