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Inspired by my one of my favorite Queen songs...enjoy. I hope I don't offend any Brits out there in Threadless Land.


Very funny. I love how you did the reflection of the city off of the ocean.


old lady boobs are funny

i think you need to do a little more with the fighter planes and the cityscape
the mean queen is pretty funny


More detail in the cityscape (color, texture... windows) and this is a winner.


Aweosome! I don't think the cityscape needs any more detail. Great simplicity and colours. Great illustration.


i'm 5ing it
and the dead rodent animal person around her neck is brilliant too!


Dynamite with a laser beam!




Can Godzilla or King Kong stop the Killer Queen? Should they even try?


I agree with more detail on the city. I thought it was a battleship at first. Maybe a different color would work?


Shirtflirt: Old lady boobs are less funny when you see them in your immediate future. This shirt however is fantastic!


why does she have no reflection?


I love the idea that this might offend British people...

To all the non-Brits - we will be happy to sell the Queen to the highest bidder. We have neither the need, nor the space, for her these days.

Nice idea, but I'm not too keen on the illustration - I'd like to see something less cartoony and more B-Movie.


I'd say they're pretty damn British, Ady. Born and raised here - makes them British to me.

But I agree on the rest.


the illustration of the queen is great, but everything else is sub-par. i would definitely re-work this or do something else with the queen.

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Thanks for all the comments, point taken about the city, I had purposely made the city and planes plain, so the queen and fire ball would "POP" more, but point taken, we'll see what happens.


hey 13? youre not a royalist? what gives? =) anyways, nice idea but the design aint all that great. more action, better skyline.. for example


Hahahahahahahahahahahahhaha(etc). Definitely $5


Actually Big Ben refers to the bells inside the clock tower. But whatever.

I think this is great. Ahhh I love Queen & Freddy Mercury -- and the Queen looks hilarious. :D


It seems that many Brits feel the way about their royalty as Americans feel about Paris Hilton and her ilk. And though I feel sorry for them to a certain extent (their lives plotted out for them, stuck in a cookie-cutter existence), they DO have the ability to make more of themselves. I know that if I had their resources, I would shun all the pointless galas and spend my time doing tons of charity work. If you're the top dog, you CAN rock the boat. While all of us peons can only dream of changing the world, those folks have the money and power to actually do it.


Oh yeah...and for the design, I love it. Robot queen destroy!


im a Brit and i support our queen (gawd bless her!) but i still find this shirt funny.

sort out the city scape and i' buying!


love the conection to the song killer queen (classic)


hilarious! $5

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