Lost Dog!

Design by huebucket

Lost Dog! by huebucket on Threadless
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yeohgh profile pic Alumni

SUPER great, love your perseptive view!! wonderful, cant wait for your new one as well aha,,, $5


I like the doggie and the perspective. $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

O...now i get it...thanks acer, i was really being slow with this one. Very cool twist on our perspective, not knowing which way is up, down, through, inside out and tourqiouse! Nice work as usual , hue.


This don't make no sense...


LOVE IT... especially the dal (wipes a tear), I'll buy 3 - $$$$5


If they are balloons, shouldn't they be floating above her head?

Jemae profile pic Alumni

Yeah! they are BALLOONS!!! GENIUS design! 5$!

You & yr new avartar...look cool! =)

Kojima profile pic Alumni

Funny idea, man!


If they are balloons, then the perspective is all off.

If the perspective is supposed to be off, then it's not effective - it just makes the image needlessly confusing and unrealistic.

It would be great if the girl was standing, looking up at the dog balloons above her head, and one was drifting higher - towards the "camera" - and so was larger than the others.

As it is, it's just baffling.

The Jolly Brewer

Yeah, it's not clear that they are balloons. But I love the illustraion. I especially like the girls hair.


nonya - I wasn't shitting all over anything. I gave constructive criticism, which is one of the points of this comments feature.

Keep your pathetic little insults to yourself.

herky profile pic Alumni

Great concept and line work, I could go for either color combo $5


Looking at it again, it does not matter if they are real or not. But a closer look definitely knows they are balloons, as they are seamed and made of sections.

Me want.


gorgeous hair !


Wonderful idea! I have 3 big dogs, I would wear it. I agree, tho, that it would be clearer that the lost pup was floating away if it was a little "closer" and the girl's face was tilted slightly upward.

Good job!


Great idea and drawing! but, as it is, it looks like a top view... if it looked like the balloons were floating into the air, it would be a 5 from me. right now it looks like they're in front of her.


i like this a lot. 'specially the fact that its like a bird's eye view. nice job


You are clearly the most talented artist here. Gorgeous as always. $5 for sure.


This is great, but i agree that the pose of the girl is a little confusing.

I think it would look better if it initally looked like the girl was getting dragged along by the dogs, with one hand above her head and the other down by her side.

It's kinda hard to explain, but if it basically looked like she was jumping up from the side, and dragged along from the top view...

Just a suggestion, excellent concept tho

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