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Yo Yo Yo! by yeohgh on Threadless
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yeohgh profile pic Artist

yo yo yo!!!!...Let rock!!! Let dance!! stay cool!


no offence but this probably took you all of 10 seconds to do.

4 friggin dollas bro haha

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Alumni

Yea simple, and NICE!$4

jimmytan profile pic Alumni

yooo!!! tats awesome yeoh! 5


hahahahahahha yo

huebucket profile pic Alumni

oh yeah! yo! $5

sonmi profile pic Alumni

hahah this is awesome yeoh! $

Jemae profile pic Alumni

Yo! yO! YO! Yo! yO! YO! Yo! yO! YO! Yo! yO! YO! 5$! =)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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Well....my favorite new band of last yeatr, Spank Rock, would certainly approve of this shirt design...the name of their album was Yoyoyoyoyoyo. I woulda been way more of a fan of this id the "yo"'s were in different fun fonts and arranged more stylishly rather than splashed onto the front of a tee. Interesting and fun concept tho.


I prefer the Spank Rock album cover to this...

I wouldn't pay money for this - sorry. It's just too simple. Work up the shirt into a great design incorporating the same idea, and I might like it.


And FrickinAwesome - I beg to differ. The album title was YoYoYoYoYo.


yeohgh profile pic Artist

i didnt know there is a band name spank rock, album is YOYOYOYOYO..haha what a coincidence?!

yeohgh profile pic Artist

is myhand write type, i want it simple, free form and fun, as the way how we say it "yo yo yo..."

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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13strong- Sorry that i got carried away with a few too many uncapitalized yo's. You now have the full right to amputate my earlobes for such a horrid offense as this!


Ah ha! I will wear them as a necklace. Or earrings, since there are only two.

They can be like my back-up earlobes.



herky profile pic Alumni

love the gold ink on the dark shirt


spannnnkkkkk rock

yeohgh profile pic Artist

yo yo yo, enjoy the simple design, :D

cartooner profile pic Alumni

for the simple fact that i could make this myself... with a sharpee... not even two sharpies just one.... 0.

(btw did u make this with a sharpee)

yeohgh profile pic Artist

A T-Shirt can eat a tank-top whole on May 26 '07
What would drive you to make a shirt that only says "YO" on it?
in big bubble letters.

cos my friend suggested this will be fun thing to do, and in fact "YO" do sound like my name haa "yeoh"..which they love it..ahha!


It's ok. Just like to say that I'm sick of seeing these models, it's starting to put me off of the t-shirts they are wearing!!


yo yo yo I freaking love it

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