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Worry is the interest paid by those who borrow trouble. - George Washington

Please enjoy this stock art mash-up!


it's awesome but the forehead ruins the style, imo.

very clever


AWESOME. but along the lines of what shirtflirt said, the forehead may need a bit more stippling.


super weird & awesome. DYK: george washington never really cut down his fathers cherry tree.



FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

cantstopsmilin21 on May 18 '07
i agree with Captain Global sorry i think it ugly - 0

See, this is why i can't stand how some people abuse the voting process. Even if you think this is ugly, it obviously is well-done and took someone a bit of time to produce, so a 1 should be the minimum for this design no matter what. I'm not trying to tell people how to vote, i'm just showing how NOT to vote.

This isn't one of my favorite lunchbox creations (mostly because of what shirtflirt mentioned), as the image goes surprsingly well together but the forehead and one-eye are abruptly placed on the image and don't mess as well as i'd hope, but it's still extremely imaginative and if it wins the comp, i might consider picking it up. So a 3 for you. Actually a 4, to offset cantstopsmilin and the others of his ilk.


I like it too...




love the style! would love it more if washington wasn't a cyclops...takes care of the whole blank forehead/ugly problem.

lunchboxbrain profile pic Artist

thanks for the great feedback everyone. I'd probably do some additional line work around the eye and forehead if this were to get selected for printing. Cheers!

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

wow...beautiful creature heh 5$

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

To J-Ray- Yes, people are abusing the system. Fuck voting however you a zero on something like this is saying it is worthless, offensive, or stolen. I voted one more point to even out the douchebag who voted this zero, it wasn't a political decision- it was just giving lunchbox his fair share of the point he rightfully deserved. Saying that no one abuses the voting system on this site is just sticking your head in the sand, J-Ray.


ahhh, what the hellz?!

It's great though. I would smile every time I wore it.


very awesome then good sir. best of luck. 5.

herky profile pic Alumni

Reminds me of Monty Python, nice job.

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

this is better than a 1.7.... so unfair

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