a pirate's life for me

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a pirate's life for me by jillustration on Threadless
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Frank Vice

why not up by the shoulder? :)

jillustration profile pic Artist

yeah i agree i should have worked on the sword more... i wanted to used more colors to get a wood grain but i ran over the 5 color limit! my first submission :) yay for parrots.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

It's impossible to put that bird on the shoulder.


yeah how would that work exactly, to put the parrot on the shoulder? i mean i guess you could put him upside down to show his feet on the shoulder, and have him on the back so that... no. you know what? never mind i'm not making sense...
just like trying to put a parrot on the shoulder of a 2-dimensional shirt. (well it's not really 2d but you know what i mean)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Thank GOD you didn't go for the extremely cheap joke of having a small pirate on the parrot's shoulder! i'm giving you an extra point for not resorting to such nonsense role-reversal.


Cyuute parrot with a hat. I love him. Yay! The sword - I don't know. Maybe if it was curved like a scimitar?


Its cute but I dont like the colors, they are way to bright.. still high marks :)

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