living with the living

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living with the living by fatboyjim on Threadless
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Can you give a title to the book?


Nice to see someone using orange! It's hard to pull off.


I think you need more contrast between the two oranges. of the three shirt colors, it's got to be the green. the others blend too much.


ha pretty cool
i was thinking he should be reading 'moby dick', but a fishy tale is good
and i do like the colors

Captain Tetanus

Nice idea but there's something about the fish face that creeps me out.


I like it alot...something about the colours tho put me off...too many strongcolours i think


I like the tee on the blue in the revised design -but I like the orange color of the fish on the green - could the fish become more orange on the blue? I like the book with a title too.

jimmytan profile pic Alumni

i like ur idea haha.. on yellow T..

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