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Ste7en profile pic Artist

A celebration of all things red (and some pink). If you have the urge to suggest "more colors" then I suggest you re-read (or read for the first time) the title of this design.


well it's called 'red' and is in fact orange so that's off, plus it's really emo.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Oooh...I like the bird puking the squid! As a side note, the more times I see/hear the fucking 'tard ass term 'emo', the more I want to murder baby koalas.


I really like everything... except for the who blindfolded bleeding girl part... that just turns me off, especially as the biggest part of the image...

and... "the more times I see/hear the fucking 'tard ass term 'emo', the more I want to murder baby koalas." just went into my favorite random quotes bin. thanks for the chuckle mezo, i whole-heartedly agree.


coo! The dripping mouth is a bit much for me but overall I like it.

R_G profile pic Alumni

great work! congrats man

Ste7en profile pic Artist

Hippo: On my monitor it is what we artists like to call "primary red." Second, its not emo, the only reason the girl is bleeding is because blood is red.

herky profile pic Alumni

nice work, I especially like the goldfish at the bottom.





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I think the woman bleeding is fine, completes the strange macabre atmosphere of the design. However I agree with mellow, there is something off in its structure.
I would be interested to see this design on a black.

pilihp profile pic Alumni

nicely done. the goldfish is awesome. the only thing that kinda bothers me are the circles in the sun.


absolutely beautiful :) !!!

Ste7en profile pic Artist

The blindfold makes it violent? Not the blood? Seriously though, this is not about actions, its about color.

When I was younger I had a red bandana like that, I like redheads (girls), blood is red, roses are red, fire is red, dragons are red (just ask edward norton). Theres even a red sun, and a crimson tide and a red cardinal on a redwood branch (that mysteriously sprouted flowers).

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