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rock and roll by sooty on Threadless
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Like Gaff said. I really like sketchy drawings, though. 4.


Oooh! Make sure the window's shattered. That is totally rock and roll..!


Oooh yeah, TV on the left, window on the top right!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

If on the right of this shot you would have a borken window and the neon lights of a shitty HOTEL sign being lit up, you'd be onto something. As is, it's very plain and doesn't get the thought across very well. Sorry. Keep working on it..

sooty profile pic Artist

I wanted to have a window at the top but it would need to be really high and I couldn't get them both to fit within the screen print area. I suppose it could be small so it looks in the distance.

What's the deal with changing designs? Can I amend this or do I need to wait and re submit it or what?

The Ending

or you could just add motion lines ontop of the TV


... Saturate TV!

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