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Unicorns are so corny! gotta love them, display them on your bosom:)
I gave two colour options for this shirt because even though I think it should definitely be on yellow(it's the corn after all), yellow doesn't look good on some people, as was pointed out to me in the past:)

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The rays are a colour halftone, so it can be printed.
And what was the website that you saw a similar design on?, I'm curious to see it :)
But really, a great thinker once said, all the original ideas are the ones that have been forgotten. Yep, I am sure that it's all been done before sometime somewhere.

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yeah this is a really well done take on this idea nice work

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Kno, the halftone gradient was done by changing the grayscale art of the rays into bitmap, that gives you an option of breaking it up into that halftone pattern. Then you can drop the result back into your working file.
Hope it helps.

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yeah, but that one doesnt even make sense as a pun. This one is actually uni-corn, the other is multi-corn...oddly the one place that should have been corn isn't, on that other sub. THis is very iconic and well done.

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Good rendering. You took a cheesy pun & actually made it look great and NOT cheesy. It appears you tried to add some distressing to the body of the unicorn? It looks like you can add more to it, or take it out. It is too minimal right now. 4


I like this one a loooot more than the other one!! :)


Very funny, I like it a lot!

Mr Rocks
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Nice idea, even if it has been done before it's alot better. Perfect execution. $5


I like both colors. $5


Looks great mate, definitely works better than the other design. Nice colour scheme also, much better than the pink one ;)


though i wouldn't wear it, i love the kitsch factor and i think it's well done.


believe it or not, i think the design actually looks better on the green... though i dont think either of those shirt colours suit me :P


I prefer it on green.

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Great execution and colors, well done!

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Oh, thanks for giving me a zero blandford, that will really help my avarage score. If that unicorn was real, I'd get it angry and unleash it upon you in all it's fury!:(


$5 and an I'd buy it....but only in the green...


the design is done really well, it is a clever idea, and i like the green one


I think it looks best on green.

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Yes, I was already pointed to that site after submittling my design:)
However, I believe that just because someone had a similar idea to mine should not affect the quality of the entry. I am glad you like it though. Besides theirs is quite different to mine anyway.

Obviously who ever put their work up first is the one who came up with the concept first, hence your rhetorical question. But if you were serious in asking it then the answer is- I have no idea.

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congrats on the win! nicely done!

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Congrats Antosh & welcome to the club!


I'm thinking horsepower through ethanol fuel....


this is late I know, but i just wanted to say congrats and I got this shirt in the mail today and absolutely love it! So clever and so adorable!

I also really like your sausage dog shirt idea

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Oh, thanks twinkykitten, that's sweet and much appreciated!:)


DAMN! Why reprinted in green?!?!


Any Chance this design can be done on a stringer tank top?

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