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I hope this design helps to illustrate the obsurdity of whaling in certain parts of the world today. Please help save these gentle giants of the sea & let them live with the living!


The design seems to be having fun with
whaling instead of speaking out against it.


i like it! 5$


Very well excecuted/ Love how you did the logo, your text treatment. Well done, great illustration. I also like your See saw, cool idea!


Awsome idea. Glenzy quality.


who's the guy in the white coat?

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The guy in the white coat is a "supposed scientist" - you know when the whalers put up banners saying "we're doing scientific research" or "we're taking tissue samples" but we all really know why their out there - so they can make money and put over sized sushi in a can!

Thanks for your comments so far & antosh good luck with your entry $5


Boo hoo on the whaling issues. It's a shirt.


Great message and great execution.

The Jolly Brewer

This illustration is really well done. I love the style and the concept. Not really sure how it fits with the competition but I'm going to give it a 5 anyway.


Yeah, 'scientific whaling' is a problem. It's sort of ironic that there isn't even really a market for whale products (because it tastes like crap), and yet some states are still so stubborn about continuing to whale.


I think you're right about putting Japan on the side, as they're the most notoriously stubborn about continuing their whaling. But yeah, there are other countries out there deserving their fair share of the blame.
Personally I like your idea, I like the little people nearby to give it a sense of scale, and I like how the whole design is an allegory for the ridiculousness of the practice of whaling in today's world.
But then again, I'm a vegetarian and support animal liberation/animal rights. So of course you've got me in your pocket from the get-go.


This is very well done, and I think it's kind of funny actually. I didn't think it had a "message" until I read your comments, and then, I still just thought it was funny.


You know, canned whale wouldn't have to be so huge. Tuna is sold in little cans and they're enormous fish. So the size of the animal has nothing to do with the absurdity of whaling.

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Thanks Bowtie: I must say I did struggle with the fisherman & "scientist" characters for some time and thought of having this as a stand alone packaging design entry but included them to give the can a sense of scale and add a human element to the issue of whaling - I guess if enough people feel they should go they can be deleted?

Also people the can isn't intended to be real to be manufactured purchased, exported or even scanned it’s a t-shirt design & a play on the whales smaller cousin the sardine :) but thanks for your comments!


Excellent job on this one, ticks every box for me and just charming as hell! $5


dont understand what this has to do with the band. d othey have a song about canned whales??


thought it was glennz at first look

this is really nice


Don't get rid of the little people. They support your message and add a sense of scale to the design.

You did it perfect this first go-round.

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Dustyj72 the only thing this has to do with Ted Leo & The Pharamacists is the entry title - "Living with the Living" which these whales are not and may soon be extinct. Also their not afraid to tackle political or sensitive issue in their lyrics so I thought it was a good match.


nice illo!!!!


yeah i agree about needing the people to give instant scale without having to look really close before you realise they r whales and not sardines in the can.


Great concept and execution. 5

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Cheers CP - How was The Tribeca Film Fest? I hear it was a star studded line up including your good self!

Thanks for your votes & comments guys if you've got time I've got another entry about to be released called Happy Pills! - Dame you Threadless but your addictive!!!!

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