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WanderingBert profile pic Artist

Millipede Stampede- options in 'sweet 'n' happy', regular, or new 'Bloody Carnage remix!' This sub i'm also exploring the amazing capabilities of the mighty ANIMATED GIF!

So here's the idea- this guy's a giant Millipede/Centipede (Which is now known as a Stampede) and he's happy, happy and carefree, enjoying life as a giant bug-as we all like to at times. What he doesn't realise, however is that he can't see the teenyt iny little humans, accidentily squishing them in the process of his glee. Poor doomed, defenseless humans.

Looks best on light or dark blue. Also looks good on others. (links to colour variations and bigger image on my profile).

5 colours used plus the shirt colour

franx profile pic Alumni

yeah, i like the regular one too. nice one!


haha they are all cute. but i think carnage


I like the bloody carnage version


very awesome stuff all options are great 5$

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Bloody carnage!




Carnage for sure.


bloody carnage with the dark green stripes on red shirt!

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

haha 5$

mezo profile pic Alumni

I LOVE the humor in your template! Though, I think the 'regular option' works best, even though I love anything that is bloody and evil. The regular one is totally sweet, but has a subtle hint at destruction that I find deliciously sweet. The colors are also top dog, dog.

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

bloody carnage all the way.


Bloody carnage all the way


I like the sweet and happy. I think it's a funny character. As for bloody carnage, I like the concept, but I find that the orange color of the little men really isn't very attractive, and doesn't work well with the overall design. Since bloody carnage seems the most popular, I'd say just alter the little men...maybe yellow with just a pinch of the orange for shading or something...

dacat profile pic Alumni


herky profile pic Alumni

all the versions are great, but the sweet 'n' happy version would be good for a kid's tee.

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