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Frank Vice

is that the heart from legend of zelda?


it wouldve been nice to put brackets around the religions. even though i realise it would mean the same semantically, but it would be a nice effect. otherwise, great


not necessarily, sometimes people worship God because they enjoy it and not out of fear of going to hell.


oh and about the t-shirt... good stuff, might buy it, i've rated it a 3


I like it. I like that the heart is filled.

$5. very poignant.


I lose faith in humanity when I read comments on religiously charged designs.


Fuck Religion


i would make the whole graphic bigger on the shirt

.onion profile pic Alumni

Not necessarily true, sorry :T


i would make a new equation that minus' religion from life and that would equal peace.

maybe not peace, but a little more understanding no doubt.


i like this shirt, but not for threadless.


papasteve is just speaking up about what he believes in... isn't that the whole idea these days? freedom of speech and understanding and acceptance of everyone's right to express themselves?? Isn's that part of what the shirt is about?!!! dude... i think it's so funny. No one is allowed to diss any religion except christianity these days. It's pathetic.


by the way... nice try with the shirt... nice idea but i don't really dig it

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