Love is Blind

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Love is Blind by fragilelildoll on Threadless
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This reminds me of Aladdin-- the part near the end where Jafar puts Jasmine in the giant hour glass and its filling up sand on her. Only this is water... thats pouring out... and its a mermaid. I dont know. I'm neutral about this one.


I dont think it needs a "connection"... somethings things just look nice because they are done that way.

I dont think when Edvard Munch painted The Scream people sat around going "But why is she screaming? What does THAT have to do with a bridge?!".

That said, the scream had more than one tone, and you could tell it was water in the background.


Haha, its funny that youre trying to compare this to an art masterpiece. The scream had a deep meaning dealing with existentialism, etc. This is just a weird looking mermaid in a leaking broken heart. Doesnt really represent much.


Hey! Don't get discouraged! This is a great first sub, and I especially love the concept.


Yep, count me in with drummerboy7stix. Great idea with tons of potential, but needs work on the execution.


I really dig it, it conveys a lot of hopelessness and the drawing style sticks to a whimsy most people don't understand...ahem...I dig it like a grave


drummerboy7stix on Apr 20 '07
i wish someone just re did this with better art and made it look insane

wow, what an asshat.

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