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RABAiS profile pic Artist

Thought it would be cool to have a tiger tee


Nice. I'm glad you went with this color combo. I still prefer it without the text, but that is a great drawing!


No no no no no

It's just - it's a tiger. Why?


i love the drawing of it. nicely done. but why is there one random line between the eyes?


Don't think the shoulder copy over the seam will work. Very good drawing, but not for me.

Also, will folks think Le Tigre clothes are making a comeback..?

RABAiS profile pic Artist

The line is like a scar, thought it looked cool.

And "Le Tigre" is there because thats how you spell "The Tiger" in french, and I'm a Montrealer so bare with me.

Mind u this is only my 2nd sub and I haven't figured out how to make a hoodie template yet, or even where to find a hoodie template but I will keep it into consideration for next time


Oh no! Not another tiger!

Sorry, this sub caught me at a bad time, a time where I hated tigers and all-tiger related designs...

Oh right constructive criticism... erm... I think that the print should be a bit smaller so it doesn't cross a seam like that, and maybe try cutting the text out completely or putting it in an unnoticeable place.

Anyway, keep on drawing.


i like it but its a bit too big... awesome illustration tho.... :)

RABAiS profile pic Artist

Soundship THANKS lol I completely agree

RABAiS profile pic Artist

piradical: Ok I know it's a lot to print, so I had my other design which takes out a big chunk of color and switches it to the tee color, thing is i can't edit my sub... Soooo i'm kinda stuck with this which sucks.

Thanks for the critique though!

The Jolly Brewer

It looks ok, nice illustration... but it does look a little like a photoshop artistic filter has been applied to a photo. I'm sure it hasn't but it looks a little like that.

RABAiS profile pic Artist

There was no photo involved and there was no artistic filter. It was all hand drawn on a wacom tablet in photoshop.

Must look realisticly good than for a hand drawn illustration.


I really like the the scar on the nose between the eyes and I love the size, really sells the design.

However, and I might be the only one, but there's this feme-electro-pop band called Le Tigre. And They Kinda scare me. And I'd rather not be associated with them. Maybe A couple different languages? or No text at all? RABAiS, I love this shirt. Hope you do well.

RABAiS profile pic Artist

Aerovai: Ah thanks! lol I know theres that weird femme band called Le Tigre, sadly they had to use that to call their band lol. jk jk Anyways really appreciate the comment :D

RABAiS profile pic Artist

That was my critque page for different Idea's I had, I ended up going with the one that had the most Submit this count.


huge. on blue. with text. me want.

RABAiS profile pic Artist

Hehe I love your comment Erin :D


no amanda its a nice drawin have to admit but the people are right...its kinda too big like think of it in your place would u wear a shirt with a tiger covering your whole front??? cuz i know i wouldnt lol..but i do love the draw kick ass keep it up girl

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'm not into wearing tigers since it feels too much like a Cafe Rainforest souvenier, but there is no denying that this is one fluffy and irresistably drawn creature! Nice work on the drawing, it's just not my thing. Good luck!

RABAiS profile pic Artist

darkroomdoor: Well thanks a bunch, I'm really glad you think so highly of it :)


No text. It's okay.


no text.
$5 !

RABAiS profile pic Artist

I get the picture now.

RABAiS profile pic Artist

1.78 hmmm least im still in

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