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I, Zombie

Design by Ste7en

I, Zombie by Ste7en on Threadless
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Ste7en profile pic Artist

inspired by my recent trip to see Grindhouse. The Anatomy isnt perfect because I purposely took some artistic license. Hope you enjoy.

EZFL profile pic Alumni

i really like the illustration, but the colors kind of suck.
still gets a 5.


I too think the colours arn't entirely right, but I like the design. I also like the subtle intestinal writing !


i actually like the colors, but the writting reminds me too much of lukes sub

Kojima profile pic Alumni

Nice detail. I like this new style you're trying out.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

so someones sternum has been ripped off but no damage has been done to any of the organs? Zombie organs wouldn't be in great condition either.


My gut tells me this is a great design ( ha ha )
Definitely a great attention grabber.

the see-thru view of the stomach's
innards bubbling is a nice touch

I'm getting a massive injury feel for this instead
of a zombie feel. Zombies would be dirtier and
would have parts hanging out or just missing.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

haha, great work man...lovely inards details. i rather like the subdued colors, makes the squirmy subject matter pallatable...

Edword profile pic Alumni


herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration and colors, the "arm gouge" on the sleeve or top of the hoody is ace.


i like it. the colors are cool.

franx profile pic Alumni

nice one brother!

Ste7en profile pic Artist

thanks- you being the creator of caged, (and a ton of other awesome designs) the original threadless "x-ray" shirt, that means a lot

everyone else: your feedback means a lot too, thanks again


I like the alternate colors better and the gash is brilliant.

PS I like that bananaphone is a zombie organ expert. :)


Nice illustration. Love the colour. But a little to literal for me. It's one of those "I don't think I've ever seen but I'm sure it's been done" type designs. I think it's best to stay away from those.


To me the colors resemble puke, but somehow it works on this t-shirt. Haha.


love it need it got to have it in green $5


Those are pretty hardcore. A Couple color options would be cool: One in the original zombiesqe, then two in the hardcore alt. colors, two schemes, the green and maybe a red?

mezo profile pic Alumni

Hm. Interesting. It's good, but what bugs me is the random areas you've outlined. I bet this would look much better had there been no outlines, except perhaps in the ZOMBIE lettering. And I think there's too much dark shading around the entire piece.

There is a lot of intricate stuff going on, and I think a little more subtly would have been wise. 4

Ste7en profile pic Artist

mezo, point taken...true story time: Originally nothing was outlined, then i outlined everything...or so I thought, but i missed some areas...the intestines especially needed the outlining. I looked like a big mess without outlines.


I love it! The colors are okay, but I would like more reds and blacks.

Either way...


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