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Toop6 profile pic Artist

Hopefully this will be my first successful submission. I know it looks like there are more, but there are only 5 colours there and it was hell to get it to that. The original artwork can be seen here. It is my own artwork, as you can probably tell by the user names. It went through a bunch of changes to make it more appropriate for a shirt, and a larger version of the artwork for the shirt can be seen here.

Thanks for voting. Feedback is appreciated.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Very interesting collage for once on this site...i don't really like how the building s and picture just end at the top of the design, and the design reminds me a bit of "Destroy NYC" and (sorry if this sounds too sensitive or ignorant) a bit of the pictures back when 9/11 happened of clouds of dust running amok through the buildings and streets of the city. Still, a really nice color contrast here and idea...


beautiful but it does remind one of September 11th 2001. Beautiful none the less.

Toop6 profile pic Artist

Just to clarify, the building are not on fire. Those are flowers. Flowers and birds.

Thanks for all of the positive feedback!


I'm afraid that with the billows being red and orange, "fire" is going to be the first thing that comes to most people's minds, especially as they approach you from far away when you're wearing it. I don't see how anyone could help relating this to 9/11, if they've seen those videos of people running from clouds of dust that billowed out between the buildings... just like this.

Could the flowers be a different color? Then the intent would be clearer.

Toop6 profile pic Artist

It's funny, before now, I had never really thought of the 9/11 connection, but I can definitely see people's concern. The flowers could definitely be a different colour if Threadless felt that would be needed to have this printed, these are just my preferred (and origianl) colour scheme.

The shirt is meant to more of a meld between city life and nature, and how coexisting could be so beautiful.

As for the copy/paste comments, the original wasn't so repetitive, but it needed more for the shirt design to feel right, and mixing up the bird shape wasn't working at all in my opinion. The repeated shape needs to be there to give the birds flow and movement. Plus I think it's obvious that I didn't just copy and paste for the whole artwork, it's a small element of the piece.

Thanks again everyone!

Toop6 profile pic Artist

The swatches are actually the colours that are in the design. I was having a problem getting my gifs/swfs under the size limit for submission, otherwise I would have shown some others.


It's beautiful but the colors look like fire. Maybe use green with red or yellow? The birds first reminded me of the scene in Day After Tomorrow but after reading your explanation I can see the meld of city and nature.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

dogladyjoolz on Apr 15 '07
I think the work is beautiful. I didn't think 9/11 myself (it's obviously not the twin towers) but I did think fire and that wasn't really a bad thing. I think it speaks volumes of the effect of 9/11 that from now on every burning building has a 9/11 connotation

My comment about 9/11 wasn't meant to be a stupid generalization about buildings and fire, to me it looks almost EXACTLY how the dust coulds weaved their way through and around the citiy's labyrinth of tall buildings, almost chasing the people trying thier best to get away from it. It's much more specific to the 9/11 images, because i didn't think fire when i saw this, but those dust clouds.

I still enjoy this design tho, it's just not something i'd wear.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

mmmmbeck said: "i don't really wear tshirts"

NICE!!! :D

Anyway, I love this as a poster, not on a tee.

Toop6 profile pic Artist

I should probably put this version up at deviantART as a print for those that want it...


Gotta chime in with the masses. First thought was 9/11 and the buildings going down. But nice design, very well constructed.

Toop6 profile pic Artist

:D Once again...

Thanks Everyone!


This did not make me think of 9/11, but I did think this was supposed to be a city being destroyed.


9/11 was the first thing I thought of.

Toop6 profile pic Artist

Reading all of this positive feedback is too much fun :D



Absolutely brilliant. 5$

Toop6 profile pic Artist

Thanks man :D I enjoy your interpretation lol


this one is just great
i buy it!!


would have never taken those for flowers...first imagery is 9/11

Toop6 profile pic Artist

eatyourwheaties on Apr 17 '07
It must be white.
Changing the shirt color would throw off the color choice for the gray building shading. The white on the buildings is actually the shirt, not ink.

Precisely, though it could be on a couple different colours, white is the native colour for the design.

TopJamen on Apr 17 '07
I actually stopped breathing when I initially saw this. It's overwhelming.

Well, I'm going to have to tone it down, we can't have people passing out on the street :)


white bottom sucks!! and the image takes to 9/11... despite all this, great design

Toop6 profile pic Artist

blushes some more


Toop6 profile pic Artist

Why does everyone hate white?

Where would you put it?

On another note, ONE DAY LEFT! Does that mean I get to see my score tomorrow? Get your votes in!

Jemae profile pic Alumni
3 designs submitted - Score now!

Lovely Design! =)

Toop6 profile pic Artist

Zero more days?!?! I'm going to go insane waiting for the score :P

Thanks for the support everyone :D


i love it. not sure what the arrows are for though. what are they for?

Toop6 profile pic Artist

I'm happy with the result, an average above 2.5 is good in my books. It's impossible to appeal to everyone :)

The arrows are just for crazy design purposes, give the design some more movement and energy. :)

Toop6 profile pic Artist

You're too kind :)

Toop6 profile pic Artist

31 days, gah, guess they didn't want it :(

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