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V&$ by Thomas S Magnum on Threadless
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Thomas S Magnum
Thomas S Magnum profile pic Artist

My personal tribute to Threadless itsself and to the "5 and buy" philosopy.
A super-basic one with official colors...strictly 100% shirtified ;)
Have fun!


Nice work!


3 for this tee it is then, as requested by the sub itself


100% agree with LovesUnevenRemainders!


Agree with " NUDE NO MO' " suggestion, and that its wayyyyy toooo hiiiigh up! Nice tho

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

haahhah!!! great!!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
2 designs submitted - Score now!

I wish we could asign grades to tees with roman numerals instead of numbers. sigh.

Thomas S Magnum
Thomas S Magnum profile pic Artist

Thx all folks! I'd prefer to put "nude no more" just because it's the original one...about roman numerals...well, I simply like it more than numbers ;)
I hope that "V&$" will be the choice for everyone.

aled profile pic Alumni

Cool work. I'd drop the 'Threadless shirtified' bit though.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Awesome graphic design work here. Everything is nicely balanced, but has little pops of interest and action with the organic swirlies/vines. I also LOVE the colors. At first I read the first line as "I" (aye) instead of the roman numeral "one", but there's really no way to fix that. 5

TerryMakesStuff profile pic Alumni

I can feel the win woven into each shirt already.


This is great, but i dont think people will understand it if they werent threadless people. 5 tho

Thomas S Magnum
Thomas S Magnum profile pic Artist

Thanx all, really appreciate every comment.
I hope Threadless' stuff will love it too 'cause I've made it on a white tee with institutional colors just for this. ^_^

Thomas S Magnum
Thomas S Magnum profile pic Artist

Yes, Emily, is "three for this tee for Nude No More", I've put the comma only because I like so much the white outline that cut the "R" on "MORE". Damn aesthetic! ^^
Thanx all, keep it up!

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