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Existentially cute, but I think the fish needs to be a bit bigger. Also, there should be aquarium stuff in there with him (at least some gravel and plants), to enhance the absurdity.


inside the box thinking?

no matter the shape, i love the symbolism of this!


Richard_Lee profile pic Alumni

man, that's sorta really sad. i like it a lot though. i'd wear it.


Oh sweet!!! 5$

innbal thing though: when your work is that minimalistic, you really have to pay attention to every "minor" detail you actually put in there - what I mean to say is: change the font of the text. It doesn't work with your style at all. also that text bubble, I think a simple line going out from the fishtank would do better. I am still loving it :) Cheers.


Cute! I feel bad for the fish. Please let it out of the tank! LOL

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