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magilla-da-killah profile pic Artist

I just had my gallbladder taken out, and since everyone keeps telling me that that's a surgery for Middle-aged overwieght women I felt the need to design something incredibly masculine. And what's more masculine than Darwin's Dream Match, a Cobra fighting a Hammerhead?

This is the first time I've ever distressed an image to make it look worn and I really like the result, hopefully you guys ( and gals ) will too.


hopefully your signature is not included on the shirt..because i actually kinda like it, being campy and all.

magilla-da-killah profile pic Artist

hahaha, the beer is a good idea, but just to clear it up, no my signature is not on the shirt itself, that's just lousy placement on my part, I noticed it a few days after I submitted the design.


what, no snake wrestling a panda..?


This shirt makes me flutter my fan at you in flushed femininity!

teametc profile pic Alumni

NICE! i just grew a beard...a BEARD OF VERICOSE VEINS!


Will be amazing without the text!


i like it, but without the distress


$5 for the complete ridiculousness of this design.


this design won't save the world too but I give it 4 nonetheless :P

I find it unfair that people expect me alone to save the world :( LOL


the graphic is nice without the text will look great.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Really interesting work. I dig the distressing & the concept. I do not dig the shirt color, though. That light blue doesn't feel right with the green & gold of the snake. 3

magilla-da-killah profile pic Artist

Thanks so much Threadless, for deleting my name text off the design pic! You have no idea how much that was bugging me ( and apparently a few other people as well ) This site has a great customer service department, when I dealt with them in the past they were great and quick to resolve any errors, and I'm sure it's part of why the site grows better and more popular every day.

magilla-da-killah profile pic Artist

That painting is AWESOME!!! I've never seen a dinosaur ride a whale before, I wish I would have done THAT! But since I didn't, and I didn't see snakes OR sharks I'm gonna assume you mean land vs. sea creatures. Not like dinosaurs ever existed tho, just planted in the ground by Xenu to try and trick us into thinking the earth is more than 6000 years old.

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