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slaterock profile pic Artist

This is an animated gif, one version of the tee has tentacles giving the wearer a "friendly embrace", and the other without.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

love the characters on this one

slaterock profile pic Artist

N2O, yeah, that's why I've got the option without. Thanks for reminding me though!

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

nice colors, anything with the slightest amount of properly used green gets my vote.


I like the colors you've chosen.


Love the colors and facial expressions.


Hooray! I love when the bioshock entries when I can appreciate them even as a non-video-game person. This would be nifty for the general competition too. I love that it took me a couple seconds to see that she is an octopus. $5

ps I like it better without the extra tentacles because they give away the octopus in clothes too fast.


The lighting in this is incredibly romantic.


$5 providing the Tenticles stay. 4 if they go


haha, whatta cute couple

herky profile pic Alumni

great characters, reminds me of one of my grade school teachers (with tentacles, please).

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Don't scare me like that ever again slaterock!!! I thought i was going a bit membrane insane when i saw tentacles in the corner of my eye before looking over a millisecond later and they had vanished! lol. Anywho, the tentacles really add another wonderful level to the concept, and im alway for that as long as it doesn't muddy up what you were going for to begin with...the tentacles enhance it tho! great work!

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