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kaloyster profile pic Artist

Definition of timeless:
1. without beginning or end; eternal; everlasting.
2. unaffected by time; ageless.
3. independent of time; eternal.

Just like this shirt. It will never go out of fashion.
It's timeless.

"Yeeeeaaaahhhhh booooiiiiiiii!!!"



FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

philly- this isn't about flava Flav, it's about MC Hammer and his immortal "Hammertime!" Please, don't hurt em' hammer for not knowing that! You got the baggy pants man's move down very well on the clock's animation. I love this so much, and then i don't as much when i look at where the chain has to end to be on the tee...5$ if Threadless can print over the seems, 4$ now because i don't think they can.

kaloyster profile pic Artist


Actually, it's a reference on two of the most renowned artists back in the day. It's a cross between Flava Flav (wall clock) and MC Hammer (the U Can't Touch This-spandex-classic dance step). I opted to use this because I think it best fits the criteria that the design being a timeless piece of accessory (a hiphop "bling" since our protagonist is a b-boy) from a very popular era (80s being the most widely recognized, therefore making it a timeless generation).

I'm sure it will not score that well, nor will it win the hearts of the 13-16 year old voting public here in Threadless since they
weren't even born by that time, I quess. I've been wanting to do this design 'coz I think it's really fun. I hope you enjoy it and get the message.

The name stuck too since it's a clock, and clocks tell you the time.

They tell you when it's Hammertime.

"Yeeaaahhhhhhhhhhh booooooooiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!

PS: zoom for details ;)

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

Love it. Hammertime isn't that old school though. I think he came out with that around 89/90. Still give it a 4.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Luckily for you 13 year old girls won't be judging who wins this contest- the producers of the film will!

kaloyster profile pic Artist

@Brett F.:

1. You don't need to take this design seriously.
2. It's not about Public Enemy.
3. MC Hammer may have been late eighties, but the loves competition cleary said "Kickin' it in the 80s". So early/late 80s is STILL the 80s.
4. The chain can be easily fixed.
5. Zero this design if you feel like doing so. I'm glad I didn't zero'ed any of your designs (since you don't have any designs.)
6. Easy on the Giggle Cream.

Edword profile pic Alumni

nice remix! work it!


i love this the most on a hoodie. the abrupt ending of the chains bothers me a little bit, too, but threadless does have their rule about not printing on seams, so what can you do.

or maybe instead of ending with half a link, you use just a full chain length. it may look better, it may not.


frickinawesome: thanks for the correction. I was thinking the big clock was exclusively a Flavor Flav thing though I saw Hammer dancing inside. I think I like the shirt even more considering it kinda captures both 80's refs.

kaloyster profile pic Artist

@Danger Girl: IF, in some odd circumstances they pick this, it'd be easy to make the gold chain longer to reach the neck area. And he sure does lack neck on this shot :)

Thanks everyone for appreciating (and despising) this fun(ny) design, y'all!

"I told you, homeboy: U can't touch this."


haha, pretty brilliant.

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