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kickin it by theroach on Threadless
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lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

^agreed. a lot of motion going on. well done. 4

Edword profile pic Alumni

thats so funny! great job!

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

great 5$


The character is great. I'm less sure about the "scratch" "bleep" "bloop" etc and the skyline behind him. The character is so great that I find the rest to be somewhat distracting. Maybe kill the white text and clouds, and shrink the skyline a bit, or knock out some musical notes and lightning bolts in the skyline as well.


great character in a great design :)

all the text, notes, and other elements adding to
the design's busy-ness do well in visually showing
how disruptive loud boomboxes were during the 80s

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

love your illustration and the character,,SUPER great! 5

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

awesome work, digging the character a lot. Nice colors too.


It's not so much the guff, it's the white. It's pulling away from the character.

Heck, I'd like more guff, as I said (notes and bolts in the skyline).

r.o.b.o.t.i.c.octopus profile pic Alumni

this is one of the better designs of the comp. sticks to the theme but isn't about the movie...good job!


if there was no radio,


I'm not into the color scheme, but the design is def (I'm using 80s lingo!).

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Great stuff for the contest and Threadless in general...i love the one piece of sidewalk jutted out with the boombox happily booming along...i can almost see it moving! I disagree with a lot of folks here as i really enjoy all the busy-ness of the design and the full sense of city life in the 80's. I just wish you made the whole design double its size as it should be as loud and out-there as the era the shirt is depicting. Still, awesome job and a 4$ for you!


lol, I love the business & the city skyline as well...& bonus points for the "Just say no!" message. Pure '80s. XD 5$

cintrao profile pic Alumni

if it's a copy i hate it, if it's not i love it and want it badly (ยบ_^)


Ha Ha Ha. Just kidding, it's bad!

Edword profile pic Alumni

should have scored higher!

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