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Sorry, I never saw this thing until last year. I'm sure most people won't get it either.


Ah, the DK Game and Watch. I miss my old one. I bet most people will confuse it for a DS, but nice twist on the retro theme. 3.

aled profile pic Alumni

I used to have the Parachute Man Game & Watch back in the day. Fucking love it - not enough for a tee though IMHO. Particularly as all of the elements are not working on the same perspective.


yeap... the upper part is a perfect square and looks weird, try to put some perspective there also .

Frank Vice

ya this thing looks too much like a nintendo ds... i dont think people will know its old

mezo profile pic Alumni

The lack of perspective & flatness is bugging me...plus it makes a boring shirt design.


It uh... looks like a DS.


Why are you starting to bother me with your "submitting one drawing on a t-shirt" thing? I'm getting genuinely irritated.

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