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Heh. I recognized it from here. (You're him, right? Your profile says you are...) Hee, I've had you bookmarked for ages!

I'd love to see it on the t-shirt with the text as in the wallpaper.


yeah, definitely would improve with the text. but that's all that's missing!


Awesome! I love Poe. Love the weird eyes, and the design's simplicity. With or without text, it's awesome!


SO good!!! Finally, simplicity done right. I don't need or want the "nevermore" as that would be the first thing people would say upon seeing it (come on, ravens/nevermore are practically synonymous at this point, aren't they?). This is perfect as is. Well, except I'd choose something other than light blue, but that's just because I look awful in light blue. But yeah, $5 for absolute sure, I would definitely buy this and wear it a lot (maybe on gray or heather? I would love you for that!)


No, not yellow...ack...keep it subdued, that's part of the charm!

  1. Love the bird.
  2. Needs just a little more, like maybe a branch for the bird to stand on.
  3. Definitely wrong shirt colour.
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