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From computers and Morse code to mobile phoning,
Modern inventions and DNA cloning,
TV's and cameras and lightbulbs and pens
These are a few of my favourite things!
(Apologies for the dodgy rhymes)

How do you sum up the vast subjects of science and culture? Well I thought I'd draw some of my favourite scientific innovations and also some occurrences of science in nature.

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So a mixed bag of comments then! When I design a t shirt I always think would I wear it and in this case the answer is a resounding yes. Ok, so because it has many elements all placed together it looks similar to many other submissions but it happens to be a visual style that I like!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Wow....random objects on a shirt in a square formation. Nice sketchy feel to it all, but there is no reason for this shirt to ever exist in real tee form. Sorry.


I really like this sort of shirt with allsorts of stuff all over them. YES there ARE others like it, but who cares?! it looks cool!

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