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I'd like it if you couldn't see her breast at all. 3

Scotticus profile pic Alumni

nice illustration... just a little too seductively dark for me.


manga, yes...tee, no.


this is........weird. for some reason the woman and the tentacles are not working together for me. and yes, it would have helped to just have the tentacles cover the breasts instead of adding XX, imo.


Interesting. I like it, but I think it could be improved.


really cool idea, but i agree that you shouldn't have the XX and also add detail to the space between her neck and her boobs - it is really flat right now

Trimm Trabb

There is a tee here on threadless that has a DJ woman with X's on her nips. People didn't seem to be too bothered about it thwn...

r.o.b.o.t.i.c.octopus profile pic Alumni

yeh but here the tape on her nipples don't seem appropriate...

while i love the idea for a genre movie...and i really do love that idea...it's not that t-shirtable. i think...

sorry dude.


I only see 7 tentacles....where's the 8th???? This is a bit too sicknasty for me, but the illustration is nice.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

My bet! This should win!

The Ending

would probably work for bioshock too. nice work! 5


Aw come on! I'm 24 and still holding up. Jesus. I know that all too often women are depicted in an unrealistic sexual way, but so are men.
Sorry. Stop hating on busty women.

Meanwhile, I agree about nixing the Xes and something is odd about the left side (viewer perspective) of her waistline, I'm not sure if it's posture or something related to the tentacle next to her, but it seems somewhat off.
It's interesting. Reminds me of old Japanese tentacle-rape prints.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Awwwww....Newt from Aliens is all grown up and up to her bustiness in new sewer system misadventures! I wish there was a lil' bit o' color on this one, but it aint' half bad my man!

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

I voted number 2, urban. I just like this one as well.

It's sad some people are overreacting over a pair of god-given ample breasts.

So sad.

"It's just a t-shirt."

- Russell Hammond, Still Water

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

"It's just a t-shirt design."

Better now?


i like the design but maybe if ya use 1 or 2 of the tentacles to cover her nipples instead of X's. Thats what I would do.

jstumpenhorst profile pic Alumni

this is pretty damn cool! i had to look twice to see who did this because it's different from your other recent stuff. very nice! 5!


This looks like hentai...


i like it, but it would be better if the tenticles were covering up her nipples instead of tape, the tape kind of throws the whole thing off.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

don't sweat it raptor - There is always someone thats going to complain

Lord Bees

Boobies are great, and the idea that a picture of them is somehow representative of a hatred of women, or degrading to all womankind is ignorant hyperbole. My God, what kind of world are we living in? Peoples own neurotic hypersensitivity should not determine the artistic merit of anything.

Lighten up.

p.s. Nice design, like black side placement, 3


Oh ladies, lighten up. Trust me, he is a lady loooover not a woman hater.

I think the tentacle reaching up is a lil erotic...gives me a quiver in the nether regions...

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

When John2 did this, it was well done. When you did it, it wasn't.

wotto profile pic Alumni

Tape on nips has been used a lot here in the Uk THERE is an illustrator over here who kinda has it as their trademark. Unfortunately it is being done to death.


Quote: " its not portraying women in a negative manner at all" You're so right - all women I know just loved to be touched up by tentacles!! Post an alternate version with a guy and maybe I'll believe you - show us ya tentacles theurbanraptor!!


Oh and if they are her tentacles, rather than someone elses, well dang, we just love to touch ourselves up too! grin


Lose the text!

mezo profile pic Alumni

The tenticles look rad, I especially like how the inside of them are negative space. But, honestly, I find the girl ugly. Not aesthetically pleasing in the least. Except for her hair. The hair is done well. 3


ehggg....too much....but it's a good drawing/desing.


i love james bond... not so much this shirt though


I like beautiful women. I really do.....but, would wearing this increase my chances with them? I think not.

Sorry dude. I might have stuck this on my high school diary.

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