My new best friend

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My new best friend by Recycledwax on Threadless
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Recycledwax profile pic Artist

This is my new best friend! It's my design concept for the Bioshock love's threadless contest. Enjoy ;)

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

the robot is great! 5$

Luke... profile pic Alumni

great usage of limited color...the bot and background and shirt are great.
[the girls jaw is a bit out of proportion]


yea, make girl cuter (rounder face, bigger eyes)


The way the girl's legs are folded under her makes her look like she only has a torso...I had to look way to long to figure out her body. Other than that, I love the scene and that her face (though others have complained, and I somewhat agree) seems developed in another place besides good ol' terra. This has a ton of potential.


The robot is darling, and I love the yellow swirly things, the colors and overall style look great. But the girl creeps me out - everything else is so nice and round and proportional, and then the girl is much more freestyled, and it's weird.


that robot looks cuter than the girl, lol. think you gotta make both of them equally cute

thINK profile pic Alumni

nice illustration


print this in a childs size or i will call upon the elder gods to destroy Chicago in a great firey inferno of blood...i mean...please? :-)

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