War Is Not A Game

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mezo profile pic Alumni

Not only are you getting a 5$ for spot-lighting a kid with amputated legs...but also because this has a thoughtful message & it is rendered in a lovely manner.


For some reason, I feel like the men actually fighting should be the pieces the boy is playing with, and not having him play with figurines in the middle of a war. Especially because, if you leave it the way it is, the proportions of the army men with that vehicle look off anyway - I feel the message might be more powerful the other way around. Maybe? I dunno - I'm no artist.

I do like the amputated legs (as sick as that sounds) and I really like the artwork. I think your drawings are excellent and it's a great concept.

4 for now, with potential to be a great design.


war may not be a game, but a kid with no legs is a little too far. the ribbon sub was good but this one is TOO powerful, im still gonna give you a 4 though bc i love the drawing, i just wouldnt wear it

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Yeah, I think someone will wear this, and someone not. Just let me know what you think anyway.

You will wear this?

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

I do agreed if just a normal boy playing there with this scene can bring out the theme, but it will failed send out the message to let ppl know, how sucks of War are.

herky profile pic Alumni

great concept and illustration, I like it on white.


really great, i love your style and i think this message is really appropriate

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Flying Mouse is a guerilla artist with a good message to show people. Great job!

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

this is awesome... props on the no leg thing. I think the composition could use some work though, remove the top stuff and have him playing with alot more toys... little tanks that shoot and stuff, make the toys actually fight, i think it would still get the point out there


$5 I think going to far is why it's so good. Too many people want to soften the reality. I would wear this shirt.


beautiful design as always, with a cut-to-the heart message.


war is necessary some times when dealing with people that don't come to the table for talks. blowing children's legs off is only purposely done by 2 people... terrorists and terrorists.


PS... think carefully about that...very carefully.


way too political. I'm looking at it and i love it but I can't imagine being comfortable by making eople uncomfortable while wearing it. It evokes a feeling that I don't know if folks are ready for while walking down the street, at the grocery store or at a pub.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni


Manos profile pic Alumni

Strong concept with a serious message. You don't find those two often here. Regardless that I don't prefer it in the context of a t-shirt design I will score it $5 and wish you best of luck with it.


This was very traumatic for my soul.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'd rather this design be just the boy and the rocket truck behind him blown up to more easily illustrate the messge on this shirt. But any way this is printed i would be buying it...Flying Mouse wins the award for most Productively Awesome Threadless Designer in the Last Month!


I think it's gorgeous and I wish it could have some proceeds go to a war orphans fund or something.
I also want to point out that a little boy, perfectly unaffected by a world at war and playing with his soldiers would probably be read as a child imagining what he wants to be when he grows up.
It's the upset of it that conveys the message.
I'd buy it for sure.

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