tree of life

Design by fatboyjim

tree of life by fatboyjim on Threadless
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chronically bizarre

I definitely agree with momay, connecting the umbilical cord and the tree root would make it even better, at least that's my opinion

4 all the same


This random placement fad has to stop. Do people think they're "artistic" just because they don't put their designs in the center? Sorry for the rant, but it sort of chaps my ass. Anyway, I really dig the design and the color scheme. I think the umbilical cord/roots idea might be pretty cool.


Adding the roots made it worse to me. For one, the baby looks like it has a few umbilical cords, which freaks me out. Two, tree's roots should be like this IMO: here.
Maybe make the one main root like the umbilicus and the have other roots branching off of it? Then it'd be a $5 for me.

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