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KDLIG profile pic Artist

I just love this 80's gesture, thanks to John Cusack, hehehe


nice line work

mezo profile pic Alumni

HAHAH! Is he wearing trash bags on his feet?


can you adjust the time duration between changing color options?

it's like a wierd disco in here

Trimm Trabb

How come John Cusack looks like Joe Strummer all of a sudden?


His face is kind of odd. I'm a huge Cusack fan and something is just not right with it.
But damn it Lloyd Dobler, I can't help but love you.


mezo ! you're awesome ! :) :) :)

KDLIG profile pic Artist

No! I'm not trying to make him really look like John Cusack, I was after his famous gesture and looks, and no Mezo, that's not trash bags, it's old school basketball shoes, try to study sketches style of the 80's, like try watching "take on me" video by the oldie band A-HA, see how the rotoscoping sketches there, that was the style of sketch I'm trying to convey here, that's why you think he's wearing trash bags, and D.Ligthful it's the Love's competition for a certain theme that's why people are busy displaying the rewinds of the 80's,hehehe, whew! that was long!


I like the drawing in general KDLIG, but it will be a loooong time before anyone will look at that boombox-bearing pose and think of anything but John Cusack. I think if you want to get away from making it look like him, you're going to have to really break away from something that looks kind of like him. Maybe replace his head entirely with something else... I don't know. That pose is the classic Lloyd Dobler moment, and to this day, if I am standing up somewhere when "In Your Eyes" comes over the radio I lift my imaginary boombox up in tribute. Sorry love. I might be wrong and I'm certainly being longwinded, so I'm off!

KDLIG profile pic Artist

I get your point, that's my intention, to make them remember John in this film, but I don't want to copy his whole face cuz it will look like a photocopy than a sketch of his face, thanks for the comments peeps, peace out =)!


Are you kidding me? Terrible.

mezo profile pic Alumni

That's no style. That's a trash bag.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

nicely designed, but i've seen like three shirts for sale in various places -this week- using the same source image... so sorry, you'd need to come up with a twist to make it worthwhile. i give you a 3 because it looks good though.


Ah, too late to rate this, but I would buy it in a second, given the opportunity.

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