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Be gentle. I break easily.


Ok, the "YOU ARE HERE" idea is very cool. But when submitting a design you need to have the graphic much larger, then have smaller versions of the hereshowitwilllookonashirt picture or people will not give you much of a look.

I think maybe add a few less descriptions and play with the colors a bit. I don't like the blue. BUT I do like the concept a lot. Good luck.


i really love the concept, but it looks a lil too boring and like a proper diagram.
keep the idea but try a different way or presenting it maybe?

nokenwari profile pic Artist

Ambularh, thanks for the sarcasm. That is soooooo helpful and even mooooore necessary. P.S. You might have noticed a pun (admittedly bad) between my initial comment and the image. Take your time.

Everyone else, thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated and in future, I'll "critique" it first.

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