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scratch me by sooty on Threadless
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Love it! But does the text have to be upside down...? And whatever the text haters say - keept!! Every record needs a title so the text haters could read it as part of the image (= song title) ;)


I like the text upside down as it adds a certain something extra to the image however maybe the text could say something more than just 'scratch me' although its simplicity is appealing.

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nice and simple


Blimey! I love it Sooty. I like the fact it's an instant recognisable graphic with a simple conceptual finishing touch. 3 colours too, top banana!


i'd use a different typeface, other than that I really like it.


i like it a whole bunch, but i'd shift it a little off center. i also think you can do better than "scratch me" (tho i totally get it) for the text. the shirt is so nice and subtle, that (specific) text almost makes it hokey.


This is amazing. This MUST be printed. $5


A Must.


Love the design, love the colors!
Placement might be better lower - for belly scratching or on the back - who doesn't like a good back scratching?


Nice - it's perfect the way it is - is the font the same as used on technics ? I would feel very cool wearing this shirt

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