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"Why Me?..." by Flying_Mouse on Threadless
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love the illustration and message.. but I liked it better when you had it first with creme and pink .. this is great too!

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Pink Ribbon is for Breast Cancer, I make this mistake also. Thanks to Welshalex, Mindtrance and Tinayena for the info of the ribbon colour.

This design is talking about the innocent victim of HIV. I'm not sure how many people will wear this kind of design, do you?

herky profile pic Alumni

wow excellent usage of red and shading


Excellent design. Well done.




Really brilliant. It would be great if this was printed & Threadless put a few $ onto the purchase price to go to Aids/HIV charities. It'd be a good thing for Threadless too, they'd get more traffic with links from charities websites. $5 from me.

Edword profile pic Alumni

nice and you did it all with just two colors. Great Job.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

very touching, and nice that you used subtle value changes within vibrant colors for a touch subject matter..

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

very beautiful...5$

filak profile pic Alumni

Sad but beautiful $5


So amazing and so meaningful. $5


that is the saddest thing ever. i would absolutely buy it... and wear it to AIDSWalk.

melh696 profile pic Alumni

very powerful messages.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Yeah I glad to receive my winning prize if this design get printed. The charity part will pass to Threadless.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Red Ribbon is for HIV.

Before this I use Pink, but that is wrong colour choice, becuase Pink Ribbon is for Breast Cancer.


it's lovely and really great for HIV/AIDS. I wish you'd make the ribbon stand out more though, maybe by highlighting in orange as you did to the kids.

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

this is so far the most meaningful design here, 5$ and buy


Excellent, it makes me feel like going into a contemplative state.
Well done.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Thanks for all who like this design. Static, I actually have another idea for the War. Check my sub soon:)


I think anything that isn't orange is not clear enough to be on the tshirt. The design should be somewhat darker to have any effect. Otherwise, nice idea!


Awww... So sad... but so touching...

I would totally buy this. Maybe Threadless could do a fundraiser for that kind of thing?


hard to see on red. =/


Beautiful... the lines and shadows on the boy and the ribbon could still be darkened a tad more to make him subtly more distinctive than the girl since the focus shld be on him. I would so wear this and would not care abt narrow-minded pple. $5 and props to you, Flying Mouse.


Oh I wanna see the war sub from you!

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Bhoomika, I have submited the war sub. I think it will be run in next few days. Vote for me if you like it.


Oh my god. This is amazing. $5.


way too much
but it is something that really happens... 5 points


i really like it bcuz its really meaningful

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

wow, powerful image. $5


my only problem... i dunno with this shirt, while that HIV/AIDS sucks a lot.... like a LOT.

But to say that there is an "innocent" victim of HIV/AIDS (note the "innocent" victim is a white male child...) it connotes that there are victims who are "guilty"

No ones deserves HIV/AIDS no matter what they do. that's my two pence.


should be a fundraiser shirt
but i like it a lot


It is a nice design but I agree with periwinklepixie in relation to your language around HIV/AIDS.
I work for a sexual health agency and to use the word innocent implies some people deserve it, whether this was your intention or not. I also do not like the use of the word victim, HIV is a virus which people can aquire and have to live with in much the same way as people acquire and live with hep C and other viruses.
People living with HIV is far more appropriate language than "Innocent victim of HIV".

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