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I was in my bed, I couldn't sleep, and I thought of this.

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Cat lovers will be all over this one. Nice clean illustration. I prefer the non-magenta version. 5

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

funny, but it kinda bothers me that the saddle strap goes into the middle of the cats foot instead of behind it

Edword profile pic Alumni

I likey. think it would make a great shirt. could you check out my design up for voting?


nice one


No magenta please, and fix that girth!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Really nice things going on here....the illustration is very well done. I am partial to the darker shirt, with the negative space bleeding into the image, but like the pops of pink ink on the light blue.

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

actually i think the strap does go under the lag
the line that makes it look like it extend is probably a shadow for the belly, the leg curves left and up a little if you look closely
i think....

herky profile pic Alumni

great concept and illustration, very nice work


My daughter would love this..... $4 since I can't see any guys buying this shirt for themselves.


Clever context merge and well illustrated. The pink really stands out (not a color I would prefer, but definetly eye catching)...Perhaps a faded yellow or faded orange (split compliment) in place of the pink :) I would still buy it in any case, It is Awesome...

Freddie Mokuyobi

I don't know why but I really like this, it's mezmerizing...


I love this!!! $5

nonolarson profile pic Artist

Speedy's right: actually the strap is under the leg, but it looks like it goes into it...
People in the critique should have told me about this before. ^^
I'm... so... lazy... but I'll try to fix it.
Thanks all for the nice comments anyway.


ooooh this is very good!

laurasaurus rex

this is very creative and unusual, all around nice design.
i like both tshirt colors, but i'm more partial to the darker purple one.
i think it's because of the color of the jacket in the light blue, it's strange to me.
i'd buy it!


dark purple with the pink jacket nice!!!!


kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Insomnia makes us creative.


Nice design & concept - I like the colors a lot.

The Ending

ooohhh yeah! 5$

aled profile pic Alumni

For me, the strap isn't an issue. It looked fine when I saw it the first time, and I think it looks fine now. It disappears into a crease behind the leg. Superbly executed. I'd buy it.


Fun-different-imaginative-new. Thank you. I was getting SOOO tired of skulls and recycled ideas. $5


oh! how cute!
i like it best on the dark purple, but mr. jockey needs to rock out in his pink jacket fo sho.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

i love this!


oh please let this get printed!


That's what you think of at night?
I like the way you think.


I think the cat looks better on the light blue because it's outlined rather than melting into the shirt, but I don't really like magenta or light blue. If there was a way you could do the first colour scheme with the cat outlined, it would be great.

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Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. :)
Edjuvreason I was riding a few years ago but I stopped because I was sooo bad (ouch falls are not cool ^^).

Ava Adore


FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This is truly fantastique! I LOVE the pink rider set against the light blue cat, as the image really jumps out at you (pun not intended, because i could think of a better pun if i wanted to!)...my only ish with the cat is that its eyes look sad. rather than the sharp determintation of a seasoned race kitten. Other then that, this is an automatic purchase if (hope hope) it's printed. 4$


Quirky, great, i just wish the cat looked a little happier (the eyes)

nonolarson profile pic Artist

Well you're not happy when you have someone on your back controlling you. ^^


HA!! I love this! I have two cats and this is just awesome.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

This is a sure print.

nonolarson profile pic Artist

I've somehow fix the strap, does it still look weird? And I've also changed the pink jacket to some yellow...

nonolarson profile pic Artist

hmm fixed


I love this but without the pink jacket and most certainly on th purple. $5


I definately think the cat has a pretty sad look on its face. If that was fixed it would be awesome!

Oh, and the strap is fine...

nonolarson profile pic Artist

I've posted a link above with YELLOW.

Kojima profile pic Alumni

You really got the shadows and highlights nicely done.

nonolarson profile pic Artist

2.91 is far more than what I had expected with this cat. :)
Thanks people!

nonolarson profile pic Artist

Oh thanks everybody! with the prize I can afford a reflex camera now! merci merci! :)



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