Love Sucks

Design by fourcolourblack

Love Sucks by fourcolourblack on Threadless
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This actually a design from about two years ago now, I've just tweaked it recently. Is it blood, is it red paint? who knows!

Just so its clear... I don't rock out to My Chemical Romance, its just inconvenient for them they happened to have had an album out with a similar theme to my illustration.

Be kind,


its really cool! And yes it reminds me of a my chemical romance album design. But its still good!


I love everything but the broken heart design--I'd prefer to see something more visceral


love does suck


Lol. Abbster--I immediately thought of MCR, too. I'd never wear it.

fourcolourblack profile pic Artist

wow, these comments are excellent. i'm gad some people did notice i did make it clear i drew this way before all that. and no, i still don't rock out to them.
this kind of thing had become a standard joke with my crowd, so you have to take this with a pinch of salt.

its emo a hell... but hot damn i'd still actually wear it otherwise i wouldn't have submitted it.

over the heart area perhaps it could be good. its all possible.

keep em coming


it's better than the MCR cover, way better. congrats.
looks like to me like love actually rocks... cause there's some sassy kissing going down.
just a suggestion... to further make people ask whether it's blood or paint AND to drive home the idea that love sucks... i think it would be cool to see maybe a big white X with thick brush strokes through the heart. it would also break up the solid red.

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