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mezo profile pic Alumni

I love the contrast between the line art of the hunter & the colorful egg shape of the environment. The dog & duck could stand to be be more "kennnnnnnnnn-like" and less cartooney. 3

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

I dunno mezo I htink it works liek this as it had a distinct difference between teh game world and teh real world. if teh dog was more in kennnnnnn's style that barrier would be kinda lost

cbuchholz profile pic Alumni

Ha! That is hilarious!

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

awesome, i love duck hunt!(coincidentally, i started peinting a duck hunt-themed painting, just last night)


ah dude, this is sweet but i agree with the mezo, and id also like to say, damn the man, and and, wheres my power glove, i cant find it


Is he pointing the gun at the dog? It looks like he's pointing it above the dog and way to the right.


i want this!!! $5


puppy got pwnt.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

oh, this is great



kennnnn ... don't give in to popular culture... leave that for us androids... :) all your work is amazing... don't stray from what you started with ... for that is what you will always be remebered by


sonmi profile pic Alumni

ooh, it's interesting to see a kennnnnn take on a parody. i like how the dog and duck are rendered, though!! i like this a lot, especially how the guy is the shirt color.


i dont think that he should do the dog in "kennnnn" style... although i really like a lot of what he does i feel that changing his style up is good to show that he isnt like able to do 1 thing as an artist... i like the change in style although dont stray too far from your "kennnn" style.... 5


argh, that stupid dog used to get me so mad!!

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

How can you not get the reference!? WERE YOU NEVER A CHILD!?


I love this, the contrast of styles is perfect.


Doot doo doo do doo doo doot. (When I saw this shirt I heard the music along with it).
Very nice!

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Really nice. :)


This contest is for BUCK HUNTER, not duck hunt. Anyone that's actually played Buck Hunter would be instantly furious at this design.


could use a little bit of cleaning up. and though it doesnt work with buckhunter like timwilk says who cares, it's a good concept.


nice to see a designer mixing things up with their design style

goooooooooooo kennnnnnnnnn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are there 6 colors ?
1 light green
2 brown
3 dark brown
4 white
5 blue
6 orange

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Where's nintechno when you need him? He'd go gaga and post 5$ on 500 fake accounts to get this printed if he saw this. I really love the perspective and contrast between the steel-hearted hunter and the playful, assholish nature of the hunting dog...i just wish the dog looked a bit more like he did in the video game and less emphasis on his huge cheeks...o, and the bush on the right side not escaping the frame like the tree does, which doesn't seem to disrupt the elegance of the circle as much as the bush does. Still 4$ awesome job man!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

ooh, i like the updated fixed colors as well, even though it gives less attention to the zapper


The only toy that let you say the "c word" in public.
Well done.


5 for aiming at the dog. I can't remember how many times I tried to cap that chuckling mutt as a kid.


Can we put like a red scope bullseye on its forehead?


Man, I always tried to shoot that dumb dog, he was so annoying! ;__;

(Note: I do not want to shoot any actual animals. :P)


omg kennnnn?
this is sick!


I am glad that someone else depises that stupid laughing dog as much as I do.


Any Duck Hunt fan can relate to this. That damn dog could be a bastard sometimes. Excellent design.

Salty Rubberbands


I know it's another "old game reference" tee, but it's so well drawn and executed!

" put a gun against his head. Pulled the tigger now he's dead.."



FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

you bitchslap em' for us people who played that game for thousands of feather-blastin' hours in our youths, J-Ray! And let's not forget the lesser known but much harder and very playable "flying discs" mode for us people too impressionable and afraid to blast at digital birds.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

i miss my zapper, my current gray market cheap nes clone use different contacts than the original nes for the controllers, so i can't play gun games...

le_hell profile pic Alumni

this would be cool to wear, 5$


call it, "it's not good"...


nice but over 4 colours

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

great colors 5$

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

This gon' win kenneth! Sweet design!

I remember back in the day, I use to have this game but I don't have a Guncon. That dreaded dog always laughs at me 'coz them ducks always escapes my wrath since you can't use the normal controller for this game.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

i never knew that j-ray! Shit, im gonna have ta dust off my old NES machine and try that one on for size...when i find friends as well.

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