Duck, Duck, Goose!

Design by grypesagon

Duck, Duck, Goose! by grypesagon on Threadless
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aled profile pic Alumni

Ah ha! Finally! It's up and running after almost 2 weeks in limbo. I really enjoyed seeing this develop through the crit stage and although I still have no idea what Duck Duck Goose means, I am giving you 5$


Glad to see it finally went up-- maybe there's still hope for me, too!

Looks great! Good luck!

staffell profile pic Alumni

parts of the design have a sort of live traced look which makes it look messy

Edword profile pic Alumni

looks good.

Live trace is a feature in Illustrator CS2 that allows you covert images to vector, it's looked down on and considered lazy. Seeing as you didn't know what it was I'm guessing you didn't use it.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Awesome! I love it on purple.


ive been watching it develop from the simple 3 boxes with the 2 ducks and the goose to this!. great work. its come a long way. i like what its come to be $5

herky profile pic Alumni

great concept, love it on dark blue

staffell profile pic Alumni


aled profile pic Alumni

Tough break. I think it must boil down to the fact that the designs are rated internationally, and Duck, Duck, Goose - apart from having many domestic variations, is not an international game :) Sorry grype.

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