GirL NeXt DooR

Design by PointWellTaken

GirL NeXt DooR by PointWellTaken on Threadless
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....funny style, bad boobjob........


yeah, i think the boob is sticking out too far for the size you made it...
and i'm a girl and don't really want a boob on my shirt... but if it weren't htere, i thikni might buy this.


....hehe; seems to me that x is saying the same thing as everybody else, but is getting all the credit for being constructive and respectful about it. The boob is wrong, dude, and as headfirst4halos is pointing out, does it really have to be there. I mean; drawing a woman from the back when you wanna show her breasts? Thats gotta end up looking akward. And if I get get that "...oh, it´s just a tee, so calm down" remark again, somebody will be underestermating the value of this forum. 99,5 % of our tees don´t ever get printed, so we might as well learn from the peeps handing out critique. Dixi! (latin for; "just my 2 cents").....

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