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batsheep profile pic Artist

we are animals.....and this is our years from beginning to the end.


It would be better if it didnt look like a tree. You need to detach the cloud from the ground.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

yeah glumone, evolution is sooooo long ago.....what does it have to do with modern man? pfft. I like what this sub is going for, and i got what the mushroom cloud was instantly. I want one of these evolution designs to through, but having the mushroom cloud only a centimeter taller than the person kind of loses the momentum..i suggest having the cloud MUCH bigger than everything before it, and the man right before it looking up at what is after him. Right now, a solid 3 for a clever concept of familiar things.


does look very much like a tree


that's a nuke... he should made that orange... 4


i thought that we were turning into trees before i read the comments...


also the heartbeat line bothers me because it's not what real heartbeats look like... too many bumps.

batsheep profile pic Artist

well well well... you don't really understand my design... maybe it should be more clear.... I wanted to mean simply that the predator of the man is himself.... and the end is not a tree but the nuclear explosion annihilating the planet.
so sorry if it's not very clear.... just be kind
thks to the others!


get used to people on threadless not understanding your designs. but to be honest it took me a sec to see that the nuclear explosion was not a tree.


I got that it was a mushroom cloud. It'd be clearer if you made the top of the cloud extend more laterally. Also, your heart monitor bits in between the evolutionary stages doesn't look like the real bumps in an EKG.

batsheep profile pic Artist

special thks WanderingGypsi for your comment...

batsheep profile pic Artist

well well, i have an update more clear... but i can't submit it... as long as the votes are not finished... sorry


I thought it was a tree too... sorry...

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