Kissing 101.

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Kissing 101. by Syrnix on Threadless
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well, i knew i got CPR certified for a reason...


I'm definitely appreciating the lack of bulge in his pants.

And make her look younger?


wow. you're pissed because i said the girl was weird looking? WOW. she looks like a lizard.


iono. but i liked this shirt her face was just a little weird...


i like it but the girls eyes are scary

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breathofreshair on Feb 14 '07
i like it but the girls eyes are scary

I don't think from the angle we are looking at that you see her appears that her eyes are shut from trying to concentrate on the CPR, but i could be wrong. I liked the un-texty version of this i remember from months and months ago, but anyway this shirt is to be printed, im for it.

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