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HOLY CRAP. i would friggin get nightmares from this shirt. hha. so cool.


Very cool. She reminds me of the Schoolgirl Kill Bill 2 Assassin. Wonder why the last slide of the strip is torn.


did her lipstick melt off and flow into her eyes in the last one? I love the details, but i don't know what's going on.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

jesus, you've got idiots whining about the hair being "pleh".. STFU!!! seriously, holy vector art batman. looks great.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

too bad this is from a korean's either called like the eye, or face...or something...but I've seen it and this looks exactly like it

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

so he ripped off the illustration from the movie "the eye"? no you idiot, he used it as his inspiration for this amazing again, stfu you morons... I'm so tired of you imbeciles that come on here and know absolutely shit. go back to your text messaging

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

no I'm serious...I've seen this...I'm not an idiot. the bottom picture looks exactly like it's traced from a scene of one of those movies...

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

I'm not saying it's a bad sub, just that' I've seen it before, and it's too similar

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

damn you and your kind. ha


I'd buy it!! 5.00! Good job!!


pretty cool


dewd cool! that first one looks like a combination of Regina Spektor and Christina Aguilera!

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

Nicely done! -- freaking scary too o_O


Definitely grabbed my attention and curiosity.
Would work very well as a movie poster too
with the pictures being actual photos of Shannen Doherty


makes me think of The Grudge for some reason


very nice.
i love asian horror


I don't think the pain of dying concept is well done, but the drawing and general concept are really cool. Maybe switch the last two around? Oh, by the way this is the scariest thing I've ever seen on a shirt, therefore I have to own it. $5


Nicely done....can't help but think of Kill Bill though - which by the way I feel like watching now....


maybe in the last photo she should look a little more like a ghost?


Papettie has a point.
And I do agree.

4. 5 if you switch the two end photo's.


weird... but i'll give you a 4 for the artwork


scarrrrryyyy. but nice design. fitting for the comp.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

I think this is awesome. I'd also probably wear it. And the order makes it much more interesting... it got me thinking about what was going on. (I had concluded the last pic was of a zombie, rather than a ghost - but it's cool to have slightly different interpretations, right?)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yeah, i think this would have much more impact (and it already creeped me up a bit) if the main character wasn't something from countless "scary asian schoolgirl" movies, and was a different race entirely, that looked a lot more innocent and unsuspectfully happy at what was to come...but other than that, really like the idea. 3.


Wonderful, 5$



Daniel San

I hate the red eyes. Otherwise $5


I concur with MysDik. Reguardless, I think this is the only creepy/morbid/disturbing design I've ever seen on a shirt that I would actually wear. FANTASTIC job on the artwork, a perfect combination of simple and complex.


Insane, freaks the crap out of me, awesome illustrations! 5


well done, obviously a 5


love it


too many to read through, but make the 4th pic in the 2nd place with the peace sign, then the 3rd progressively worse, then the 4th being the skeletal woman. because going form bleeding eyes to fucked up skelteon is wierd. $4

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