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Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

"No matter we are a human, animal, half human half animal, even a mermaid or centaur, we still need Love".

Please click here for the LARGE VERSION of BLUE and YELLOW.

Vote for me if you think this is cool, thanks.


I think the mermaid needs more definition. I think you should be able to see more of her upper body, especially the arms, so it's more clear that she is a mermaid. I like the technique, though.


I think it looks best on the yellow.


mellow yellow $5


Creative cool style with the curlies everywhere. It's
tempting to focus more on the execution than on the
figures being illustrated. Concerning the figures it
seems the female fish creature isn't well seated on the
centaur's back. Maybe have her holding on with her
arms or show her body more arched over the centaur's
back instead of reclined along the length of his spine
with nothing keeping her in place.

Sorry if I seem focused more on criticism than praise.
It's a very nice design that definitely captures my

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

No problem Helo, I appreciate your comment ;)

Actually my concept is the mermaid right hand holding on the centaur's right body, and she just stay relax on the top.

If you see her from the tail to her body, you will see that she is actually over the centaur body.

Thanks for all comments!!



Richard_Lee profile pic Alumni

wow. damn. this is really good. 5$

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

nice! very creative! 5$


Yeah Dame K. Completely taken from the video for The Suffering.


Doesn't mean it's not well executed though.
I give it a 3.5, I'll round to 4.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Hi Papara, I'm not sure who is Coheed and Cambria and also The Suffering, this design is not taken from his vidoe. Maybe my design is similar with them, but I'm this is my own original creation :)

Thanks for the comments.

(Sorry, this comment suppose with a Flying Mouse account;P I have 2 account at Threadless, they are 2 different style submission account.)


Great design! 5

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