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sooty profile pic Artist

Yeah the colours are a bit bright. I don't think it would come out this vivid on the print though I think it's because it was an RGB file


i made a work for the university and it looks just like this t-shirt......i love it!


Oh I love this. Bright, bold and beautiful. I'd wear this - a big 5


beautiful simplicity -- very nice

Good choice of shirt color, but I don't know if Threadless has
that shirt color to print on. Does anyone know ?

Stacmaster 3

I wouldn't wear this because I instantly thought of Rastafarian-like things. I'm not sure if there is anything you could do about that, that's just what I think. I like the idea though.

And isn't it on a black shirt?

sooty profile pic Artist

It's on the dark green shirt from the threadless template. I chose the colour to fit with the autumnul feel, it works on brown and pale blue too. It is similar to the rastafarian colours but I think they have black and no orange. not sure though, it wasn't intentional.

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