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you are kidding right? i mean, this joke has been beat into the ground about a million times. the least you could have done is add a new twist to it. i look forward to seeing something else w/ your future subs.


family guy rip off

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it's not a rip-off of any specific design, and it's actually a good interprtetation of the play on words. However, it's a play on words that even Larry the Shiteating Cable Fuck has done on his last CD cover now, so maybe it's time to let this one rest in pieces. I wont blame you for tryin's more than ive done art submission-wise. lol.


I had to laugh.

Last semester, my government class was assigned an amendment, and to come up with symbols to help remember it.

This one kid did that. Bear arms. Ha.

Though, I wouldn't wear it, simply because I don' t want to make fun of our rights and freedoms... because I don't want the Hillary taking them away somehow.

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