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I like this a lot, but would prefer it without the Ole'.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

hah the man colors reminds Flash...nice one 5$


I love the idea and the style, but triceratops were like 9 feet tall and 25 feet long.


McDonalds colors, haha


awsome idea!


quite cool.
but the dino should be much bigger. it should look more dangerous...
or take a t-rex ;-)


Concept is worth a $5. The exectution needs some tweaking. The style of the clouds is out of synch with the rest, and that's easily adjusted. The dino should be larger -- I don't care about to scale with what the thing was historically, just make it more threatening. The legs need to look like you captured it in a high speed charge. Finally, lose the text-- the drawing screams Ole as it is without you having to write it. Please resub as this is definitely worth a print if you fix it up a bit.


Good idea, remove text, and maybe slightly change the dinos stance to make him look like he's ready to charge? But I do like the design!


Maybe the guy could be a caveman and have an animal skin instead of the typical bullfighter garb and cape.

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