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Dinner is served by Jebs on Threadless
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Jebs profile pic Artist

behind the wall, here is a little pet inside you, and right now, the dinner is served :-)


Awww 5


Cute. 5$

Jebs profile pic Artist

hi! A NEW DESIGN BASED ON THIS has been put in the running and will be on the gallery in 2-3 days...based on this, but much more interesting...i mean, i sent it too early, and i regret...


i don't like it

Jebs profile pic Artist

READ THIS please: i hoped it was refused, because the version that will be in the running, called "LONELINESS" (about time running away too) is the final one : you can see it here : http://nhlfr.free.fr/tshirt/solitude.jpg

Jebs profile pic Artist

yes, and too big eyes :-p anyway, for the next version, i'll put on the blog a 8 leg spider ;-)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

great stuff man...im always a sucker for designs incorporating the wearer in with the concept, and you did so very nicely with a unique visual style! 4$ plus you reminded me of Labyrinth for some strange reason with this deisgn...possibly the worm Sarah meets as soon as she enters the maze...

the czar

Lighting is really cool.

Jebs profile pic Artist

eheh, thanks, but ait at the new version, you will like it even more, i hope ;-)

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

fantastic, great style on this one 5$


Like em both....

Jebs profile pic Artist

that is the question.... :-D


I think I like this better than the "updated" one.. the newer one looks too cluttered, there are too many things in the tiny little window. Absolutely adore the bricks.

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